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Best Web Application Development Framework

With the advancement of technology, the standards of web applications are getting enhanced day by day. So does the complexity of the technology rising. A basic online presence is not enough for a business to attract the targeted audience. Your website should be integrated with the latest technologies so that you reach out to your customers before your competitors.

It’s not easy to satisfy your customers, with the mere website presence. Your website should be updated with the latest technological trends. Your burden of acquaintance with the right trend can be reduced if your website development company is well-versed with the latest technologies and trending frameworks.

What Is A Web Application Framework?

Frameworks can be termed as small libraries that help a web developer to develop an application faster, efficiently and strategically. As you research on Google for the best web application framework, you will be displayed with hundreds of alternatives and options. Every framework has unique functionality. Depending on your business need a website development company suggests you the right framework.

What Should Be Considered While Opting For A Web Development Framework?

The main aspects that you should be concerned about while choosing the best web development framework are


Before you start developing a website with a framework, check what kind of license the framework is distributed under. Most of the license is liberal and lets you create commercial applications while some of them come with strict policies. Research before you start working on a framework or else after creating the entire web application you would be surprised to know that the license doesn’t allow to distribute the application commercially. The License aspect is not limited to framework alone, the plugins or extensions may also throw up the same surprise.

Software Pattern

There are variants of software patterns like

  • MVC – Model View Controller

  • MVP – Model View Presenter

  • MVA – Model View Adapter

  • AVC – Application View Controller

The most preferred software pattern by almost every framework is MVC pattern. The pattern keeps data, controller, and user interface separate from each other. This helps the web developer to write better and tighter codes which result in the best application development.

Hosting Requirements

Most of the start-ups prefer shared hosting over dedicated hosting due to the price factor. In that case, you should choose the frameworks that work well with shared hosting

Frameworks best on Shared hosting:

  • Codelgniter

  • CakePHP

  • Kohana

  • Zend Framework

  • Most PHP frameworks

Framework that requires Non-traditional Setup

  • Django

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Pylons

  • Most non-PHP frameworks

  • Most PHP frameworks

The frameworks like Django can even work in shared hosting if the server has the necessary module installed.

Learning Curve

Every Framework has its terms, naming conventions, directory

structures and many more. Some frameworks are very flexible while others would instantly display errors at your tiniest mistakes. Some of the frameworks follow the general conventions while others may strike out and process its own things. So, choose a framework that has the smallest possible learning curve.


Check out the flexibility and choices in terms of libraries offered by the frameworks. The libraries allow you to perform various tasks as quickly as possible, that would otherwise be time-consuming.


Ensure that the framework you are opting for web development is equipped with necessary features that would protect your website against common and new attacks.


If you are building the website for the masses, then you should ensure that it provides the flexibility to scale with growing business needs. Check out the caching capabilities of a framework as it plays a big part in determining how easy it is to scale your application.


Opt for the framework that comes with extensive documentation and a large community. If you ever get stuck with the framework then you can search the documents or ask the community for the help.

As We Have Provided You The Basic Details On The Framework, Let’s Start With The Top Three Trending Web Development Frameworks

Angular JS

Built and maintained by Google, this popular web application framework has a huge community you can learn from. Angular JS is an open-source web applications framework that uses MVC architectural pattern. It uses HTML as a declarative language. It does not need any other plugins and frameworks and is known to be a very comprehensive solution for front-end development. The recent trending version of Angular JS is Angular 4.

Popular Apps using Angular JS

  • YouTube app for Sony PS3.



  • Ecommerce websites and others

Cake PHP

Cake PHP is one of the preferred platforms by the developers since its inception in 2005. When compared to other PHP frameworks, it’s very easier to perform coding using this platform. The framework uses an MVC pattern to develop an application in the most structured and rapid manner. The aspect that makes it unique compared to other frameworks is that it is compatible with all types of websites and directories.

The biggest advantages of using the Cake PHP is that you get detailed documentation and practical guides along with the framework. With Cake PHP, you can reuse the codes, so you don’t have to create the codes from scratch all the time.

Some of the Popular CMS, that are built on Cake PHP are:

  • BEdita

  • Coderity

  • Croogo

  • CupCake

  • QuickApps

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has recently become one of the most demanding web development technology. Industries like fintech to healthcare has started creating their web application using blockchain technology. The technology allows you to develop high-quality, secure and scalable apps. Most of the web development companies are finding new ways to utilize the Blockchain technology in the best possible way. If you want a well-structured Blockchain app, then you should be aware of the tools/framework. With the Blockchain technology framework, you experience greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, and reduced development costs.

These are the top three trending frameworks. Other frameworks that are also good for web application development are React.JS, Node.JS, TensorFlow, Zend, Codelgniter and many more. To choose the right framework you need to list down the type of application you want to create, functionalities you need, and your budget. To know the ideal framework for your application, you should take help of the best web development company.

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