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Email Marketing

The E-mail marketing campaign is one of the most popular and best ways to reach a large group of targeted audience professionally. With ease, an e-mail campaign will deliver personalized marketing directly to customers, actually right into their hands. However, this success phase is done here dependently concentrating on how to plan, design and execute.

Synverse technologies will allow you to create a relevant e-mail campaign and to achieve higher success rate considering it as a complex task. Understanding the business and client’s requirement, we spend time in developing an effective e-mail marketing campaign. Our bulk e-mail marketing services that is one of the features of our digital marketing services are planned intelligently. We use prominent tools to reach out to the potential clients, as a result, the sale will be boosted.

E-Mail Marketing Services Of Our Platform Include

  • Designing professional and aesthetic e-mail newsletters

  • Build and manage e-mail lists

  • Facebook and Twitter social media e-mail marketing integration

  • Real-time tracking and analysis

Video Marketing

Synverse will offer you the premium Video SEO consulting services, promotions and online video publishing related services. The power of online video marketing is understood perfectly here and that is what we strongly believe in, it will take the company standards to successfully produce market, optimize videos and distribute.

Free Video Sharing websites are considered to be the next level of popularity to Social Networking sites, which include Metacafe, Flickr, YouTube, etc. Both, the coverage as well as the popularity enjoyed and emerged by online videos is immense, which made it a highly viable media platforms to convey the message across world-wide and to reach a diverse audience. We broadcast and categorize your videos across the popular video sharing websites; they are also backed by an online marketing campaign intelligently.

Synverse’s Video Optimization and Video SEO services will help you to create relevant and captivating videos. Take the help of the best professional online marketing company to manage and control your Video Reputation via online within no time.

Video Marketing Services Of Our Platform Include

  • Attract Audience

  • Marketing Goals

  • Branding

  • Analytics & Reports

  • Achieving Top Rankings


Digital Marketing : SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, SMO

Online Marketing : Email, Video

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