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What Is SEM?

SEM is the acronym for Search engine marketing. It is the process through which website traffic is gained by purchasing the ads on the search engines. The most common terms that are often used to refer SEM activities are :

  • Paid Search Advertising

  • Pay-Per Click -PPC

  • Cost Per Click – CPC

  • Cost Per Thousand impressions – CPM

What Synverse Offers?

Synverse is a professional online marketing company bundled with a team of SEM experts, being excelled in performing digital campaigns globally and delivering exemplary SEM services. Besides, paid search marketing will also offer higher visibility with websites that engage paid placement, which will be appeared definitely on the first page.

Our company follows a multidimensional approach to SEM so as to ensure that the website of our client is highly ranked across major search engines. Additionally, our advanced SEO tactics involved here will help you in converting visitors to consumers. Utilizing some of the best industry standards of SEM/PPC Management practices, we make it better. Just have a look at the below list, which is involved in our practices :

  • Google AdWords

  • Display Ads

  • Affiliate marketing

Overview Of SEM

After the website is search engine optimized, the next necessary phase is to follow through an extensive Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. Here, SEM uses Internet Marketing techniques and Pay per Click (PPC) advertising that focuses on promoting the website by increasing the visibility across popular search engine result pages. According to the recent studies, around 30% of purchases resulted from the search came from PPC ads. Effectively, PPC can be complemented in a full-service Advanced SEO packages when ordered. When PPC and Advanced SEO are paired, there can be a generation of website traffic up to 80% respectively


Digital Marketing : SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, SMO

Online Marketing : Email, Video

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