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In today’s environment the importance of aligning IT and Business processes has materialized as a key factor for market success and higher return on investment. Therefore a Synverse Implementation Methodology (SIM) as described below will facilitate an IT organization to achieve its business goals. The general framework defined by Synverse is a Business Delivery Process that employs a gates process. It is primarily based on a progression of five steps from the initial formalisation of a change idea through to the final release of its implementation and go-live at which point it becomes an integral and crucial part of business operations.

SIM has been defined in such a way that the major technical milestones match gates milestones. This characterises the common relevant templates, deliverables and artifacts that support an accurately synchronized final release.

Concept And Feasibility

The first stage of Synverse Delivery Process ensures clarity about the high level business objectives and benefits of a proposed business activity by way of determining that it is well founded and properly thought through before a substantial amount of resources are committed to plan out the activity in detail.

Specification And Planning

The second stage of Business Delivery Process defines what we will do and the timeline. A concrete & accepted foundation to the proposed project is ensured prior to the commencement of work. At this stage, the business case is developed, identifying all internal/external impacts and dependencies with the details on how the deliverables will be achieved and managed.

Development And Preparation

The third stage of Business Delivery Process defines that we are ready to launch and implement. The objective is to build and test the solution to ensure that all related processes, systems and other deliverers are ready for deployment/implementation.

Implementation And Launch

The objective of this stage is to release all components to the business in a controlled manner.

Project Closure

The fifth and final stage of Business Delivery Process ensures that work has been reviewed. This involves all lessons learnt identified, business benefits realized & documented, and that the work is closed from an administrative perspective.

The Guiding Principles Behind The Methodology Include
  • Maximize the value of IT investments and minimize the risks

  •  Ensure accountability within the PMO structure

  •  Manage and schedule resources effectively

  •  Reduce redundancy

  •  Improve communication between key stakeholders

  •  Ensure Business-IT alignment

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