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Synverse provides value addition to IT services both at business and technical level. Synverse IT Accelerator are powered by IT functional frameworks that provide holistic approach to deliver a flexible, extensible and robust end-to-end solution. The adoption of best practices in architecture principles, comprehensive domain business process alongside a common internal data representation and flexibility to offer a customizable are the key USP of Synverse Accelerator Frameworks.

By using our frameworks, our clients have benefited with up to 50% acceleration in time-to-market, up to 30% reduction in development costs, and significant enhancements in delivery quality. We believe that we can help you create a sustainable competitive advantage in your respective markets by accelerating value creation, support during patenting, thought leadership and technology innovation.

These frameworks work in different functional aspects if IT services as follows

  • Application & WebCore Framework

  •  Integration Framework

  •  Testing Framework

  •  Monitoring Framework

  • AJAX Powered RIA F/W

  •  Open Source Foundation

  •  CMS Driven Layout & Content

  •  Dynamic Workflow Engine

  •  SOA Based Integration

  •  Monitor Enterprise Applications

  •  Manage SOA based ESB infrastructure

  •  Debug & Test E2E Business Processes (Automated)

  •  Pre baked frameworks to boost development

  •  Integrated Error Handler and logging framework

  •  Migration framework which eases migration from one version to another

  • Application Integration & Process Automation F/W

  •  Dynamic Workflow & Intelligent Rule Engine

  •  Robust Transaction Management & Exception Control

Application Webcore Framework

Synverse Application Framework is an integrated set of tools, components, and automation services for achieving excellence in application development and delivery. Synverse drives efficient and repeatable practices for presentation layer with the backend of business process layer incoperating the solution efficency of the domain knowledge in for of business processes. Framework opens the door to efficient service process, helps to maintain optimal Total Cost of Ownership, significantly decreases time to market.


Synverse webCore Framework is built with one simple idea of keeping things simple an built by exending the application frame work. Be it at design level or architecture level the portal provides benefits across value chain. The framework has been constructed with architecture in mind to utilise IT industry standards and best practice in order to achieve the key goals. Unified aggregator portal to provide one stop solution for web based services with Integration of web-services with multiple systems. Dynamic loading of content using industry tools and extensions along with proven SaaS infrastructure

Webcore Key Architectural Features
Integration Framework

Synverse Integration Framework is designed to provide the business and technical foundation for success across integration projects and project teams and it enables:

  •  Creation of a SOA, BPM and Business Optimization Framework strategy

  •  Defining, establishing and growing the optimum organizational approach

  •  Establishing the technical infrastructure and standards for use across projects and the enterprise.

  •  Accelerating the implementation of integration projects through “out of box” Synverse Integration frameworks.


Synverse Integration Framework Strategy reflects that Synverse understands large-scale successful deployments and focus beyond just technology to all aspects of the changes that the new infrastructure will require in terms of application integration and scalable architecture. We also are aware that as in all projects of this nature, early results and rapid knowledge transfer are a prerequisite. Accordingly, Synverse Accelerators delivers Synverse Integration Framework activities in a teaming, facilitative process that rapidly guides the customer‟s core team through a complex set of problems broken down into a manageable set of tasks.


The industry specific frameworks streamline the delivery process by using proven “plug and play” components that incorporate the experience and best practice techniques that Synverse has gained from similar prior engagements. Clients have discovered that they can achieve a considerable acceleration in time-to-market coupled with a significant reduction in development costs and reduced ongoing maintenance costs with Synverse Integration Frameworks.


Synverse Adapter framework helps to extend the reach of various platforms to easily and quickly connect disparate enterprise information assets including packaged applications, mainframe and legacy systems, non-relational data sources, e-business documents, and more. The frameworks acknowledged practice with systems integration ranges from webMethods, TIBCO, IBM WBI, SAP, Oracle, BEA WLI, Biztalk Server, Integration Broker to open technologies like JMS to deliver middleware based application integration.

Testing Framework

Our Testing Framweork focuses on a comprehensive methodologies and test Management platform/ tools that speeds up testing, fosters re-usability and quickens time-to-market. Globally dispersed Management and Testing teams flawlessly collaborate with unprecedented levels of real time visibility into product readiness. Innovative management platform permits elastic integrations and coexistence in complex IT environments. Comprehensive set of test libraries across the industries and focused around enterprise solutions. Synverse Testing Solution kit, all of the below problems can easily be addressed.

  •  Increase in number of software releases and shortened release cycles

  •  Adoption of new development methodologies – Agile, Scrum

  •  Large scale global testing outsourcing – management, visibility, collaboration

  •  Existing tools are outdated, inflexible, prohibitively expensive

Monitoring Framework

Synverse has developed monitoring framework to monitor enterprise integration layer for core industry middleware’s. The framework provides real time monitoring of the health of the middleware and its interaction with the Enterprise Application systems. The message payloads can be stored in a repository for future analysis and reference.

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