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Goto Market Strategy For Startups

Goto Market Strategy For Startups

Goto Market Strategy For Startups

Goto Market Strategy For Startups

Permanent IT Staffing Solutions

SYNVERSE permanent IT staffing operation was successfully established to provide high-quality employment recruitment services which are professional and expertise in all specialized markets. We maintain the whole quality management program which means we have fully integrated selection processes and IT staffing solutions. It includes fully validated testing procedures, detailed assignment briefing, behavioral interview techniques as well as psychometric assessments.

Dedicated and quality staff will help any organization to attain its business goals and long-term profits easily. Extensive reference checking enables us to refer and select only the candidate who has the highest caliber and ideally matches your needs. To manage the contingent workforce, our permanent IT staffing services offer seamless staffing solutions and turnkey. We provide an exceptional skill set incorporated with resources that help organizations in attaining their business objectives. Just rely on us to accomplish all your staffing requirements. SYNVERSE efficient permanent IT staffing solutions will give businesses flexible, efficient and measurable options to manage the entire recruitment process.

Temporary Staffing Recruitment

Synverse temporary staffing recruitment services will enable you to fill all your short-term needs by providing qualified and ideal employees. Many companies rely on such temporary staffing recruitment agencies called as contract staffing services. There are many reasons a company hires temporary employees that is to support upcoming projects, reduce their workforce during slow periods and meet seasonal requirements.

On a contract basis, when an individual is hired our system allows your company to hire the best talent available today and maintain proper staff levels. As a result, employee-related costs will be reduced.

Synverse is empaneled with some of the best clients across the global market to support its sourcing process for the best candidates. For that reason, we have a stringier evaluating process for our empaneled partners. Our contract staffing will help you in achieving your professional objectives in a smoother manner.

Utilizing the most extensive and sophisticated networks of professional contacts, we will identify the finest and short-term professionals’ talent available. Our IT staffing solutions employ a high customer-centric approach, which emphasizes the continuous improvement of our process and candidates. It is actually a complete closed-loop communication process that relies on continual positive communication and feedback of our clients.

Temporary Staffing Agency

By utilizing Synverse leading contract-to-hire services, any company can be benefitted from the source of traditional services where the best temporary staffing agency will offer the consumer with an option to hire the permanent employee. Here, the main advantage is that one can observe the employee ongoing job to determine if he/ she is the right person to fit for the position.

After the completion of the contract period, the temporary employee can be hired on a permanent basis. We are the leading contract to hire services who are well established with a core team of recruitment professionals who will help you in hiring the resources with specialized skills. It is a skillful job for the recruiters to hire the candidates from resources with particular niche expertise. We maintain the complete focus on requirements and hold 7+ years of experience in the hiring process. We provide you with the candidates who are equipped with the required skill set.

What Synverse offers?

So far, Synverse took the privilege to place many qualified professionals in all type of good positions. Our hiring process is specialized and involved with screening the preliminary stage skills, then followed by profiles to be shared with the client depending upon the results of the screening.

We take the rigorous approach for both temporary and permanent candidates. We hold a good position destined to surround our clients with meaningful and interactive communications. We are the best IT staffing solutions company and temporary staffing agency who has its own unique approach. We guarantee that no one else would provide you with the varied services the way we do.

We think innovatively and execute very professionally, redefining the staff recruiting experience is done by elevating the best practices in our approach throughout the temporary staffing recruitment industry. Our main focus is to be a trustworthy consultant who delivers tangible career with advancement results. We make it possible by creating a strong foundation of processes and systems that lead to long-term relationships.


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