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Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet Of Things

The IoT innovations by Synverse technologies allows enterprises, service providers and governments to make sense of a large amount of data produced by devices, connected sensors and various systems.

We support the full IoT value chain that includes connectivity, analytics, platforms and security for data collection and device management. Our well-crafted portfolio gives you the flexibility to choose from a range of solutions, products and services that exactly addresses your needs.

Advanced Analytics And IoT Applications

Get the building blocks you need to unleash the full potential of our IoT solution With our IoT analytics application, the government and various enterprises can realize the full business value of processes, assets and people. Optimize your operations, detect anomalies, predict asset failures and deliver the best possible business results.


IoT Connectivity

We provide the most effective connectivity for all IoT applications. Our IoT connectivity portfolio provides the best coverage, low latency, interoperability, scalability and security your business needs to manage a range of connected devices. The products we offer support standardized protocols that deliver low-cost and flexible connectivity. The flexible connectivity enables you to succeed with a broad range of IoT applications.

IoT Platforms

Our IoT platforms allow the enterprises to securely manage protocols, devices, applications or subscription. Our standardized solutions combine the industry-leading device management with broad protocol support, efficient data collection, growing innovation ecosystem, and analytics-driven security. The platforms help you develop new business models, capture new customers and stand out in the fast-growing IoT market.

IoT Security

Keep your customer and the IoT devices safe from cyber threats. Our IoT solutions come with complete DDoS protection for IoT endpoints. Our network-based solutions allow you to easily detect malware on IoT devices and use the required automation to minimize the negative impact on the customer experience. Use the capabilities to create a profitable value-added security service.

IoT Services

Synverse offers the best IoT services with the potential of increasing profit margins and revenue by allowing the business to derive value from IoT projects. We provide the ability to manage and control the devices and connections effortlessly in order to enhance business-critical systems.


  • Design:
    UI UX, UI Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Angular UI, AngularJS

  • Development:
    Java Core JAVA, JDK, J2EE, JavaSE, Spring Hiberrnate, Struts, Web Services.

  • PHP:Cake PHP, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal.

  • Dot NET:MS Visual Studios, ASP.NET, C# with .NET, Core MVC.


  • Quality Assurance:Manual &, Automation Testing, Cucumber Framework, Selenium WebDriver with CSharp and .NET Selenium Testing.

  • Database:MongoDB, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres SQL, BigData

  • Mobile Apps:Android, iOS, Native, Hybrid, Appium Testing, Blokchain.

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