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Software Big Data Solutions

With the growth of emerging technologies, we can easily access data from anywhere. This is the most prestigious thing a company can offer but it poses a major challenge of managing the burgeoning volume of data every day. At Synverse Technologies, we offer Big Data Solutions and Services that help you handle the data very well regardless of the size. The solution also allows you to re-design your business through our focused research.

Benefits From Synverse Big Data Services

Turn your business problems into business insights with us as we make collaborative efforts to bring order to your Big Data. We have the best team on board who helps you to implement the technology in the right way, manage, understand the data and enable you to predict the constant customer demand and make better decisions at the right time. At Synverse, our Big Data solutions have exceptional skills that offer excellent processing capabilities and authentic analytics capacity.

Competitive Benefit

Evolve your data from the finest resource for the competitive benefit

Cost Reductions

Compile all your data at a single place and make it accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Increase Business Efficiency

Increase your business efficiency by offering one place search out option.

Why Big Data Solutions And Services From Synverse?

Advanced Skills are required to leverage the benefits of Big Data. Synverse has a dedicated team of Big Data who are experts and have years of experience. To offer the new generation benefits of Big data our team does not leave a single stone unturned. We work on the services to create an unbeatable business model so that your organization gets an exceptional advantage from Big Data.

Data Scientist

Businesses get data from many resources that include social media and other websites. With our Big Data, you can manage such heavy burdens effortlessly.

Enhance Business Operations

With our services, you achieve the great potential to enhance your business operations thus allowing your organization to get valuable insight in order to retain customers and accelerate revenues.

Reduce Complexity

Digital Data comes from an array of sources thus making it bit overwhelming to relate, match and transform the data across the various systems. Moreover, it is very crucial to link and correlate the data exchanges with Big data. We make that happen with ease.


  • Design:
    UI UX, UI Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Angular UI, AngularJS

  • Development:
    Java Core JAVA, JDK, J2EE, JavaSE, Spring Hiberrnate, Struts, Web Services.

  • PHP:Cake PHP, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal.

  • Dot NET:MS Visual Studios, ASP.NET, C# with .NET, Core MVC.


  • Quality Assurance:Manual &, Automation Testing, Cucumber Framework, Selenium WebDriver with CSharp and .NET Selenium Testing.

  • Database:MongoDB, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres SQL, BigData

  • Mobile Apps:Android, iOS, Native, Hybrid, Appium Testing, Blokchain.

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