Best Mobile app development frameworks for your business

Mobile application development has become the necessity of every organization. Whether you are a start-up or a big enterprise, mobile app adds leverage to your business. Businesses are finding new ways to make the mobile application more profitable for their organization. And so, the customized mobile apps are gaining momentum. For receiving tremendous strategic and operational benefits, it’s mandatory to opt for the best mobile application platform.

About 82% of the businesses believe that a strategized mobile application helped them to earn additional revenues. The mobile apps can be either partially or fully personalized, depending on your budget and business needs. The frameworks to create the apps are chosen depending on the audience you want to target.

Let’s have a look at the aspects to consider while developing a mobile app

React Native

React Native was launched by Facebook. This framework is the native version of the JavaScript library. It is the first choice of many entrepreneurs, as it allows the user to gain access to a particular mobile app through many formats. Today many tech giants like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Tesla, UberEATS, Vogue and many others are using React Native for iOS and Android platform. This is the most sought-after framework that also provides great benefits in cost.

Why you should choose React Native for Mobile application development?


Ionic is an open-source framework, which is built using AngularJS. It is an excellent framework to build native functionalities within an application, which can be run on any devices having different operating systems. AngularJS offers many functionalities to the developers and is one of the preferred frameworks of the designers. With the help of ionic structure, AngularJS allows you to develop hybrid applications.

Ionic apps are written using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The framework also offers components and themes that allow the developers to build applications that have an elegant and functional user interface. Ionic apps are developed through the CLI (Ionic Command-Line). The CLI needs native wrappers like Cordova to run as a native app.

Why you should choose Ionic for mobile app development?

Phone Gap

If you are looking for a simple mobile application, then PhoneGap is the best choice. For robust native application, PhoneGap is not at all suitable. PhoneGap framework is highly cost-effective. To make your mobile app look more appealing and attractive you can use Shensha and JQuery.

PhoneGap is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that is developed by Adobe. Developers can build the application on PhoneGap using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Wikipedia, Paylution, DHS program, etc. are some of the applications developed on PhoneGap framework platform.

Some of the advantages Of PhoneGap


To capture the attention of the potential audience, every business has to develop something creative. The ultimate goal of putting so much effort is to generate revenue. And to generate higher revenue you need to think strategically and see which of the above frameworks works best for your business. You need to also look into the monetary aspect and see which framework is cost-effective for your business.